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The Law Office of Beth Ross, LLC zealously advocates for your child, while striving to maintain a positive and productive relationship with the school district and school personnel. The firm balances aggressive representation with a practical consideration of your individual goals and circumstances.

Compassionate Counsel

We provide legal guidance that is rooted in the law but is practical and results-driven. Grounded in years of experience working with families, school districts, service providers, and evaluators, we listen and learn about your unique child. Our goal is to provide you with options and guidance that relieve stress and promote a better future for your child and your family.

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school age children in MA

Our children need powerful advocates who can make sure they receive the education rights they are entitled to.


About Beth Ross

Beth Ross has been practicing special education law since 2004. While attending Suffolk University Law School, Beth was a legal intern at the Bureau of Special Education Appeals where she assisted hearing officers. Since that time, Beth has provided legal representation…   Read More

The voyage parents of students with disabilities must take is fraught with challenges, not least of which involves navigating complex laws.  Attorney Beth Ross helps chart an appropriate educational course and provides much needed ballast when emotions and worry run high.parent of a student with a learning disability

Some interesting facts about our children

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of children are diagnosed with Autism

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of children have a learning disability

[ilink size=”large” icon=”heart” color=”secondary”]14%[/ilink]

of children have a developmental disability

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of our kids have the right to learn

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