We Stand Up For Your Child’s Rights

The focus of our advocacy is on your child’s individual learning needs as opposed to what resources are available within the school district.

One of the firm’s fundamental goals is to help you sustain a positive relationship with school personnel.  We work closely together to model the behavior we want our child’s team to demonstrate: patience, preparedness, and knowledge about your child’s unique learning needs, and committed to improving our child’s educational experience.  Our firm strives to help parents understand the school’s perspective and to empower parents to advocate strongly on their child’s behalf.


  • Accompany parents to Team meetings

  • Assist parents in letter writing

  • and much more…

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Most special education cases fall within at least one of these categories:

  • Evaluation: Is your child eligible to be evaluated? Is the teacher or evaluator qualified? What tests will be administered?  Will the testing be comprehensive and focus on all areas of potential vulnerability?

  • Classification: What is your child’s formal diagnosis?

  • Services: Based upon the formal diagnosis, what services should be offered by the school district?  Who should be providing these services? Is the service provider qualified? When will the specialized instruction take place?   How long will each session last?  How many other students will be working with your child at any given time?

  • Placement: Where will your child receive services? Will it be the least restrictive environment? Are there students like yours in the placement? Is your child able to access the curriculum in this setting?

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