Consultation Services

We Help Parents Understand
Their Child’s Educational Needs

Boy Working At With Tutor At Home

The attorneys at the Law Office of Beth Ross, LLC help parents help their children by

  • Discussing any educational concerns;

  • Explaining complex educational laws, educational jargon with parents;

  • Expanding the parents’ perspectives on what supports and programs may be appropriate for their child;

  • Reviewing evaluations and the implications the testing will have upon a student’s educational programming;

  • Analyzing the quality of the IEP, assessment reports, and other significant records;

  • Coaching parents how to be effective advocates;

  • Developing advocacy strategies and logical next steps;

  • Referring families to competent, credible experts;

  • Preparing parents for upcoming meetings, evaluations, and parent-teacher conferences and

  • Collaborating with team members to obtain an appropriate education for their child.

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