IEP Check-Ups

We Provide A Second Opinion

iStock_000017971422_SmallThe firm can help make your IEP work for your child and you.  Just like your child needs a medical check-up every year, so too does her IEP.  Many IEPs are poorly written.  Goals may remain the same from year to year without consideration of your child’s current level of performance.  Special education services may be decreased in spite of your child’s lack of progress.  It may seem that your child’s IEP is fine, but only when you look at the big picture – previous IEPs, testing, progress reports – does it become apparent that the IEP is lacking and does not meet your child’s special education needs.

The Law Office of Beth Ross, LLC provides a cost-effective option for families who are interested in obtaining legal guidance about whether there are problems with their child’s IEP and strategizing about a course of action to remedy any issues.  This service includes an in-depth examination of your child’s IEP, the most recent school and/or private evaluations of your child, and any other significant records, as well as an initial telephone or in-person consultation.

Following this review, you and the attorney will meet to discuss legal perspectives and share recommendations and provide a written summary if appropriate.  The cost of this service depends upon the age of your child and volume of materials to be reviewed.