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Bureau of Special Ed Appeals Hearing

iStock_000017971422_SmallIn some cases, despite one’s best efforts to resolve disagreements at the Team level, a family is compelled to seek and administrative ‘due process’ hearing before the Bureau of Special Education Appeals.  Our attorneys are experienced in deciding when the case is ready to go to hearing. We have extensive experience with all stages of the litigation process, including drafting a due process complaint, mediation, negotiating and drafting settlement agreements, and preparation for and representation at a due process hearing.


Mediation is yet another place to turn for dispute resolution.  Attorneys from Law Office of Beth Ross, LLC have a lot of experience with the mediators …

State & Federal Court

At times, a family may have obtained an adverse decision at an administrative hearing and need an attorney to appeal the decision in federal and/or state court.  Our firm is prepared to do so.

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